A New Perspective on Immigration  Program Management

Purpose Built for Enterprise Immigration Teams

Every year, organizations invest millions of dollars managing immigration programs to support their mobile talent.

We think it should be easier, and we build tools to make that a reality.

Immigration Management

A new take on ‘client-centric’ delivery

At celerity, we understand that your team and your employees are the cornerstone of the entire immigration process. Your process should drive the service delivery and workflow, not 3rd party processes.

Our approach is rooted in this core paradigm, and our solution drives every input around this concept.

We take case management and workflow functionality, add smart features and automated customer service flows, and bring all the players together in one smart platform. 

Transformation, without Interruption

By unifying the steps you already take, celerity organizes a traditionally fragmented process into a cohesive system that allows for transformation-in-place – at your pace, in line with your most critical priorities.

Reduce your cost-to-serve while accelerating delivery speed and improving customer service outcomes.

Immigration Team Management


celerity is a comprehensive, collaborative solution that unifies the operational, legal, and customer service components of immigration program management, to transform your program from the inside out.

Placing the system within your own enterprise eliminates the need to use multiple external systems to track your cases – and gives you back control. Your stakeholders, employees, legal counsel and global enterprise teams all have access to the same data, at the same time.

No matter who does the work, no matter where, your data is in one place, your employee experience is consistent, and KPI metrics are visible in real-time. 

Built in modules, you can choose where you need support the most and build upon that as your business needs demand.   See more in the links below: 

What could you do?

celerity can help if you need to:

  • Scale teams quickly for capacity
  • Handle high volumes effortlessly
  • Improve your employees’ immigration experience
  • Eliminate human error
  • Drastically reduce cost
  • Improve Mobility performance and ROI

Our launch tool:

Eliminates 65-95% of data management time  for the H-1B Registration process


Streamlined Program Management

  • Improved compliance and risk management
  • Full audit trail
  • Low cost 
  • USCIS digital ready

Efficient and Secure

  1. Upload an excel file
  2. Instantly identify duplicate registrant details and missing information
  3. ‘One click’ automated email updates to registrants and approvers
  4. Upload clean data to USCIS


Monica Tull

Monica Tull

Monica’s career in global mobility spans diverse roles in both corporate and professional advisory capacities. With a profound passion for the people behind the processes, she is committed to enhancing their experience through practical improvements and operational excellence.

A steadfast advocate for efficiency, Monica’s drive for innovation and execution has helped teams achieve superior outcomes that positively impact business performance.

Steve Brown

Steve Brown

Steve has a wide-ranging background in global mobility, talent management, career mobility, and strategic planning. As an advisor, he plays a key role in helping celerity focus on how to improve support for companies’ workforce mobility programs.

His expertise and strategic thinking are crucial in developing practical solutions for today’s business challenges.

Future Proof Your Immigration Program

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